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Help Ukraine action- 10/06/22

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

On February 24th, a brutal war began in Ukraine, which cut the ground from under the feet of many of us. This seemed impossible in the 21st century in the civilized world. But it turned out that history has taught us nothing, and human meanness, callousness and thirst for power have no boundaries.

And yet, we all witness that against the extreme cruelty and callousness of ones, stands the incredible bravery, dignity, compassion and humanity of others. The courage of the Ukrainian people in fighting evil and the help of volunteers from all over the world, who organize evacuation from war zones, as well as humanitarian and psychological help. When you see that someone falls down, you do not think twice and just help him get up. That was exactly our reaction. We really wanted to help and we found a way.

About three years ago, we've started our collaboration with jewelry artist German Kabirski, who sent us a collection of his amazing pieces to participate in our new art project. We created a conceptual series of artworks. And when we wanted to return the collection back to German Kabirski, he refused and simply gave it to us as a gift.

When the war began, we realized that the money from the sale of our collection by German Kabirski and new series by Dina Bova could be used to help Ukraine. We did not know which funds to apply to and turned to our mutual acquaintance Rubi Chernihovsky. This is how our history of friendship and cooperation has begun. Together we wanted to do something special and also bring other people to a common goal. Rubi is a person of inexhaustible energy, positivity and organizational skills. So we’ve succeeded.

Rubi offered to create a charity event to help Ukraine and call it "Beautiful Kindness", every detail of which would be beautiful and kind. We wanted to find empathetic people who would offer their help in the organization of this action free of charge. So, we assembled a team of 16 volonteers who helped us raise this project.

More than two months have passed since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. The shock of the first days is over. The war became routine news and people's desire to help has faded, mired in personal problems. Therefore, our biggest concern was that we would prepare everything, but there would be not enough people willing to take part, so we would not collect enough money for Ukraine and all our efforts would be in vain.

But despite our worries, on June 10, 2022, our Bohaus has filled with many kind people ready to help. We are extremely happy that by joint efforts and hard work we’ve managed to hold such an important event. And our guests also loved it.

And most importantly, more than 10,500 shekels were raised from the sale of the collection of German Kabirski and artworks by Dina Bova and were donated to three important funds:

We wanted the collected money to go towards the goals that are important and clear for us. So that our help would be very targeted and specific, and would not drown in the bureaucratic chain. For us, the transparity of the funds' reports and the concreteness of their affairs were important. The humanitarian organizations that we've chosen fully met these conditions.



Of course, with all our desire to help, we could not organize all this just by ourselves. Therefore, we are immensely grateful to all members of the team who made their gratuitous contribution.

Thanks to everyone who supported, came and helped make this important day!

If you didn't make it to the auction, you can buy here and choose a fund to directly donate money to.

Jenny Pakmanperformed her original songs.

Anya Zubova и Pavel Davydovtich Drumstick fighters cheered everyone up with their energy and groovy music

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