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TABOO  (May 12th - August 31th, 2023)


There are many different definitions of taboo.  The following definition seems to be the most concise and clear:

A taboo is a prohibition, a violation that is usually perceived as a threat to society.”


In the 21st century, the artistic depiction of the naked body has become taboo. Nowadays, in progressive social networks, this is unwanted content. The mechanisms of social media reduce exposure or even block images that have any hint of nudity. Many galleries avoid exhibiting "immodest" images in order not to offend the feelings of religious people. In the 21st century, full of technological achievements, as in the Middle Ages, the artistic depiction of nudity is sanctimoniously rejected. At the same time, any child can easily access porn sites.


At BoHouse, there are no such taboos. That is why we decided to give our art space to our friends – talented artists from different countries with different views on nudity, who use the language of art - photography/painting/graphics/drawing/sculpture - to convey a variety of emotions with the help of a naked body.


ArtistsAlexander Gorokhov (Israel) - sculpture ,  Alexei Aven (Israel) - photography ,  Anke Merzbach (Germany) - photography, Anna Bodnar (Poland) - photography ,  Dina Bova (Israel) - photography , Elena Rozin (Israel) - graphics , Evgeny Leib (Israel) - photography , Julia Napolskaya (Russia) - photography , Nataliia Mukha (Ukraine) - photography , Sergey Bunkov (Israel) - graphics , Sveta Dorosheva (Israel) - drawing , Tatyana Savin (Israel) - graphics , Tenno Pent Sooster (Israel) – graphics  , Valentina Brusilovskaya (Israel) - sculpture , Victor Zamanski (Israel) - photography . Vladimir Pain (Israel) - painting . Yelena Levit (Israel) – metal graphics

CuratorsGadi Boleslavsky and Dina Bova

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