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What should our home feel like? How, besides a piece of land, does a house differ from a standard city apartment?

- The house should have high ceilings, Dina said.

- Stairs to the second floor, Gadi added.

- Fireplace, we said both. But it must be real, on wood, and not on gas, Dina insisted.

A feeling of home should arise immediately, starting from the entrance. Therefore, it is good that the staircase, the fireplace and the high ceilings can be seen directly from the entrance.

But that is not all. We didn't want to be tied to a specific architecture style. We wanted it to be modern and laconic, but still not minimalist. With a sloping roof, so that the rooms on the top floor will have a feeling of an attic. So, this is how we moved from the feeling of home to our personal definition of home.

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