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Photo by Shlomit Wolf

Photo by Shlomit Wolf

About us


BoHouse is us

Nice to meet you. We are Dina Bova, Gadi Boleslavsky and our son Emanuel. We are a family and the house you see here is our home. We named it BoHouse, which is a combination of the first letters of our last names.

Our history began in 2005 in one of the Israeli high-tech companies where we worked then. But what united and attracted us to each other was not an interest in technology, but a love for art and a desire to create. Dina has been involved in sculpture and photography for several years and Gadi - in graphics and design. But we realized that it was more interesting for us to create together and combined our efforts and talents. So we started working together on creative projects. The result of this synergy was Dina's success as a photo artist. Dina's work has received worldwide recognition and brought her about 400 awards in photography competitions around the world.

BoHouse is our dream

After the wedding, while living, like many young families in rented apartments, we figured out how to turn a standard living space into something extraordinary with minimal funds and effort. We managed to turn even the most ordinary apartment into a space that corresponded to our sense of aesthetics, our style and love for art. In 2013, our son Emanuel was born, and with him so was the dream of building a house where he can grow, develop and create with us!

BoHouse is architecture, design and art

When we started planning our dream home, it quickly became clear to us that we would have to build it ourselves. In interior design, we relied on intuition and our own understanding of aesthetics. And to turn our ideas into an architectural project, we collaborated with a talented architect - Robert Banovsky.

This house is the result of the joint creativity of our family. This is a place where we not only come up with new ideas, but also implement them ourselves, as a family team.

The design of the house is definitely eclectic. But this is a natural and harmonious eclecticism, in which ethnic masks from Morocco, paintings from Mongolia, vintage furniture from England, works by masters of painting and photography (including, of course, Dina's works), and children's drawings of our son - convey the authentic mood of our home.


BoHouse is a space for creative people

BoHouse is, of course, our personal space where we live, work and raise our son. Here we come up with new ideas and work together on family art projects.

But that is not all!

At BoHouse we are happy to hold meetings with interesting people, art exhibitions, concerts and musical events, cultural evenings, master classes of creative people from different fields.

So, BoHouse is also a living creative environment for art projects, new ideas and collaborations with other talented artists.

So, if you like to create, then BoHouse is open for you!

How we started

BoHouse is an art space, home and gallery we've always dreamed of.  Before creating the physical place, we had a virtual space called BSW-Art. BSW stands for the initials of Beauty Saves the World, the main goal of which is friendship through Art.  This was a virtual gallery that featured contemporary artists from all over the world, mostly our friends. We still believe in friendship through art, but now we can show talented artists not virtually through computer monitors, but live. And that's a huge difference.

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