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BoHouse Art Club - Duet AGRE concert

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

On February 24th, 2023, BoHouse Art Club hosted a passionate performance of two virtuoso musicians - brother and sister Ana and Michael Agre - with their concert “Musical journey around the world “. February 24th was also a special date - exactly one year since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. Therefore, this evening we decided to pay a special attention to charity and fundraising to Ukraine together with well-known Israeli artist Zoe Sever .

Doors opening and welcoming

Our evening began when we - Gadi Boleslavsky and Dina Bova - the founders of Bohouse - told our guests about the art and interior design of our house, which we created entirely by ourselves as a family, and about our current exhibition "Mad World" by Dina Bova.

Gadi also introduced to our guests Robert Banovsky - a talented architect, who designed the architecture of our house.

Zoe Sever read an emotional poem about the war and told the story of the foundation she created to help Ukraine.

And finally, our producer Rubi Chernihovsky welcomed our guests and invited them to a table with delicious food, which she prepared and organized.

The Concert

Ana Agre - violin virtuoso of popular and classical music - Israeli Vanessa Mai.

Ana Agre's stylistic range is unusually wide: from baroque and classical music to modern electronic compositions. In addition, Ana Agre is fluent in Middle Eastern music, both Arabic and Jewish, including klezmer tunes and melodies of the Ladino culture. Her performances are distinguished by a high professional level, along with a high emotional level, and as a result, her performance is remembered by the public for a long time and does not leave indifferent the most demanding connoisseurs of music. Agre’s concerts around the world always ended with applause. Her passionate performance of Vivaldi, Gypsy, Hungarian, Polish and, of course, Jewish melodies and songs leaves no one indifferent.

Michael Agre is a jazz musician working in the style of conceptual free jazz. He is an excellent pianist and a laureate of international theater and jazz festivals as a composer and pianist. In his compositions there is always an inventive introduction, an unusual but internally logical transition to the main theme with one or more culminations, and, of course, the final coda is either a cyclical return to the beginning, or an apotheosis commensurate with the finals of Beethoven and Brahms. There are not many musicians who are passionate about the avant-garde, but at the same time connected to the classical foundations of the genre. Agre also works in the field of academic electronics, composes symphonic and chamber works and writes music for movies and plays.

Help Ukraine charity fair and fundraising

Another special guest at our evening was well-known Israeli artist Zoe Sever, a founder and a manager of a fund for delivery of body armor and helmets to Ukraine, Zoe brought to the charity fair reproductions of her artworks, poscards, works of a glass artist from Lviv, prints by a designer and theater artist from Russia, photographs by a fighter of Azov, which he did in between fights.

It was be also possible to purchase jewelry works by German Kabirski and works by Dina Bova.

Zoe Sever was born in Lviv, Ukraine, where she lived till the age of 16. With the beginning of the war in Ukraine, she organized a project for the purchase and supply of body armor and helmets to Ukraine. And for a year now, her fund has been bringing armor, generators, thermal underwear, potbelly stoves, and everything that is needed to the front. The long-term goals of the project are related to the restoration of Ukraine, therapy and education.

During this evening we collected around 4500 NIS from selling above artworks. All proceeds from sales were donated to Zoe’s fund for delivery of body armor and helmets to Ukraine.

BoHouse Art Club

Cultural evenings at BoHouse Art Club are always warm, cozy, sincere, stylish and very interesting. A free buffet with delicious food and wine, the warmth of a fireplace, unusual design, art and performances by talented and creative people are always waiting for our guests.

It's also a great opportunity to personally meet the hosts, the performers and other new interesting people among our guests.

Art Exhibition

It was also a great opportunity to visit our current art exhibition "Mad World" by photo artist Dina Bova, including gallery talk with the artist.

See you at our next evening at BoHouse.

Stay tuned and follow our updates.

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