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BoHouse Art Club - Ivan Kvasov - Art Killed the Neanderthals

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

At November 26th 2022 we hosted our premier evening of our new club, which we called BoHouse Art Club. If you are close in your spirit to aesthetics, style and art; you are curious and open to meeting new people; If you love wine and delicious food, then you definitely need to come to us!

The special guest of our premier evening was Ivan Kvasov, PhD in biology, lecturer and popularizer. The presented very unlusual lecture and called it "Art killed the Neanterthals".

Ivan is not just a man of science; he is also an excellent storyteller, who knows how to tell incredibly exciting stories. And he will tell us about how art helped our ancestors to conquer the world, about how different types of art arose and their role in human evolution and about why our ancestors needed it. And most importantly, how art has allowed us to become the most successful species on Earth.

Ivan Kvasov was born in 1972 in St. Petersburg, where he lived most of his life until his recent immigration to Israel. Has participated in numerous travels and expeditions.

In addition to a successful scientific career, he was a copywriter and marketing director of the Creative Workshop of Andrey Kislyuk (AKTM), and later his own advertising agency. He was a frequent guest on the jury of prestigious advertising festivals.

Ivan Kvasov speaks of himself as follows: was born, studied, married, divorced, worked, was lazy, left his grandmother, left his girl, was not eaten by a fox, didn’t fight, didn’t give up, tried, aspired, achieved.

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