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About Us

BoHouse is us

We are a family - Dina, Gadi and our son Emanuel.

We met at work - in one of the Israeli high-tech companies. But we were united not by an interest in technology, but by a love of art and a desire to create. We enjoyed coming up with new ideas together without pushing each other with our elbows. The result of this synergy was Dina's success as a photographer.

In parallel with his work in the high-tech sector, Gadi came up with and implemented interesting and original design ideas in the places where he lived and where he had creative freedom.

After our wedding, living on rent in small apartments, we figured out how to turn a standard living space into something unusual with minimal funds and effort.


Our new project BoHouse

BoHause is the fulfillment of our dream, which was born in these rented apartments.

This is the space where we live, work and raise our child. This is a product of our creativity, in which we not only generate new ideas, but also implement them on our own, as a family team. This is a place that inspires both us and our guests. This is not a decoration of the theater, but a living creative environment for creative projects, new ideas and collaboration with other interesting authors.

BoHouse is HOME

We designed it together with our architect Robert Banowsky.

It all started with a dream to live away from the bustle of the city. We quickly realized that it would not be possible to buy a ready-made house, because what we saw did not match our feeling of being at home.

Feeling is something very subjective that had to be translated into an understanding of what OUR HOUSE means to us and what is important to us. In addition to the usual list of rooms, we wanted to have a photo studio where we could create new works, and not dangle to another city for this. We also needed a place where we could exhibit these works.

And what else? What should our home be like? How, besides a piece of land, does a house differ for us from a standard city apartment?

- The house should have high ceilings, Dina said.

-Stairs to the second floor, I added.

- Fireplace, we said both. But it must be real, on wood, and not on gas, Dina insisted.

A feeling of home should arise immediately, starting from the entrance. Therefore, it is good that both the staircase and the fireplace can be seen directly from the entrance.

But that is not all. We didn't want to be tied to a specific architecture. We wanted it to be modern, concise, but still not minimalist. With a sloping roof so that the rooms on the top floor can have an attic.

So we moved from feeling at home to our personal definition of home.


BoHouse is design

When working on interior design, we also relied not on any particular generally accepted style, but on our own mood and intuition.

For example, our kitchen. As children, the kitchen was the place where close friends of our parents gathered to have a cup of tea and exchange the latest news. We wanted the kitchen to be a place where it would be nice to sit in a small circle of friends. But the idea of ​​​​creating a retro kitchen seemed a little banal to us. Much more interesting was the idea of ​​creating a futuristic kitchen, but as if predicted from the 50s and 60s of the last century. What does the future look like in old movies? This is what we call FutuRetro.

The design of the house is definitely eclectic. But this is a natural and harmonious eclecticism in which ethnic masks from Morocco, Mongolian paintings, vintage furniture from England, works of masters of painting, photographs and children's drawings create an authentic mood of this house.


BoHouse is art

For many years we have been collecting unique works of artists from different countries. Many of which are our friends.

Our exhibition space is open to showcasing talented artists that you may not know yet.

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